Yewbetcha September 28, 2011


 September 28, 2011

Last Week: 6-4

Season: 21-19



South Florida

2 points

at Pittsburgh


at Brigham Young

7 1/2 points

Utah State


at Navy

3 points 

Air Force

Wake Forest

2 points

at Boston College

at Temple

7 1/2 points


 Georgia Tech

10 points

at North Carolina State

Texas Tech

6 1/2 points

at Kansas

 at Colorado

3 points

Washington State

 at Florida International

3 1/2 points


 at Louisiana-Lafayette

9 1/2 points

Florida Atlantic




Last Week: 1-4

Season: 4-16




Texas A&M 3 points  Arkansas  (at Arlington TX)

at Georgia  7 points  Mississippi State

at South Carolina  7 points  Auburn

at Southern Mississippi  10 points  Rice

at Texas Christian  12 1/2 points  Southern Methodist



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