Fred Crawford, Monahans


Fred Crawford, Monahans

Texans are nuts for their high school football. Like seriously. On Friday nights from the late summer through late fall tiny and big stadiums all across the state are full of frito pie eatin’ Texans cheering on their boys. No matter the heat and no matter the cold the fans are there. I’ve often heard it described as a religion and during the season that’s really not too far off. It’s not something you can really describe to the uninitiated. Until you’ve been it’s really hard to grasp. And some people are extraordinarily dedicated followers of their hometown boys. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen gruff ol’ men sit themselves down with complete strangers for coffee and breakfast after one of them is asked “How about them _______ last night?” .

Fred Crawford is best known to LSS readers for his incredible string of records for Starday… I’m certainly not alone in the thinkin’ that Fred might have been the most consistent artist in that deep yellow-hued catalog. In addition to country music, Fred was also a big supporter of his beloved Monahans High School football team. I recall hearing from one source or another that during the 60s Fred called the games as announcer. The “Go Green Go” single on Lobo features one side about a match up with Dumas (heard here) and another about a game against Vernon(sounds just about the same). Under the cheers you can hear a pretty good guitarist, but I’m not sure who that might have been. I have no idea on a date, but based on the look of the label I would guess early 60s. The deadwax provides no real clues other than a handwritten scribble of “Nashville Matris”(sic).

Lobo logo and Lobo Mascot both ‘borrowed’ from the website for theMonahans Class of ’65.


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