Rangers’ Stories & Tales

Some comments off various folks’ Facebook pages…

The names have been omitted cos I didn’t receive permission from these individuals to use their words although I imagine they wouldn’t mind…

How bout them butt-kickin’ Rangers!

More than just an idea, more than just a dream….

The Turnaround Gang! With fond memories of the late, great Dick Risenhoover.

Saturday should be fun with Johnny Oates II throwing out the ceremonial first pitch and Charley Pride trilling the anthem. I think Nolan’s worn that same goldbrown suit both games. Will we see it again?

I was a green rook covering Arlington for the FW Press in
the summer of ’72, lived out by the GM plant, went to about five games, sat
in the outfield and watched what has been mostly mediocre but highly entertaining baseball ever since. I recall once watching a pre-game
interview by the late S-T writer Bob Lindley, I think with Paul Lindblad, in which both were smoking cigarettes.
I also remember once, when I was sitting in right center, a drunk man going
to the top of the stands, staring out at a black thunderhead, yelling “It’s
a TAR-NADA, it’s a TAR-NADA” down at the crowd and a whole section of the
stands emptying before we realized how inebriated he was and how there was
no tar-nada. Sweet memories.

Cliff Lee needs to keep it together and take this to the end. I don’t trust the Rangers’ relievers right now. If Washington looks like he might be reaching for the bullpen phone someone should tackle him.

Vladimir Guerrero?

Nah, he’s done. Just ask the Angels.

Well done, Rangers. Wasn’t sure I was ever going to see this. Now, bring on the Yankees.

You and I were there for the horror show years. Moret. Randle-Luchessi. Stanky…

I kinda like that the first reaction shot was of Washington hugging Jackie Moore. He was there early on and has always been a good guy.

Were you at the legendary news conference where Short fired Herzog and Harold McKinney stood up and told them both to go to hell.

The Stankees.

Nah, I was working in the office at the Times Herald that day. That was the one where Short said he would fire his grandmother if he had the chance to hire Billy Martin.

Galloway cursing “the scorpion”….Dock Ellis butting heads with Billy Hunter….John Ellis freaking out on the airplane….Al Oliver briefly contemplating hitting .500….Roger Moret staring at his shower clog with Revo in the clubhouse filing reports….Denne H. Freeman ordering “EI nachos”…..Eddie Stanky’s day on the job…More than just an idea, more than just a dream….Congrats, Rangers.



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